Mostrando entradas de noviembre, 2010

Hoy Comienza el 2011

Tan solo estamos a 1 día del 1ero de diciembre de 2010 pero para mi la temporada 2011 ya comenzó. A partir de hoy inicia el entrenamiento con miras a cumplir los objetivos plasmados para el año que entra y por supuesto el caminoakona. Por ahora es solo hacer deporte y disfrutarlo, pero hacerlo duro y constante. 

Ironman Cozumel: Time to rip it up!

It was almost one year ago. It was 100% total coincidence,  I had a planned trip to Cancun the exact same weekend as Ironman Cozumel so, sunday i took the short ferry to the island.  It was the first time I had ever experiences an Ironman Race as an spectator. I have to say that its an awesome experience, not as cool as competing but awesome in its own regards.  I saw and cheered for my friend Oscar Galindez, Bree Wee, Eladio Quintero, Climido Rivero, Julio Spieguel and several other Panamanians that had made the short 2 and half hour flight to Cancun from Panama. Bree and Oscar had difficult days at Cozumel last year. I remember I kept thinking if I just say the right thing I will get them to go faster! I wish it was that easy. Cozumel is spectator friendly because competitors do 3 laps on the bike and run segments so there is a lot of interaction. Mexicans are awesome hosts, they are very loud and cheer for all competitor, but they are specially loud in cheering the locals.  Needl