Ironman Cozumel: Time to rip it up!

It was almost one year ago. It was 100% total coincidence,  I had a planned trip to Cancun the exact same weekend as Ironman Cozumel so, sunday i took the short ferry to the island.  It was the first time I had ever experiences an Ironman Race as an spectator. I have to say that its an awesome experience, not as cool as competing but awesome in its own regards. 

I saw and cheered for my friend Oscar Galindez, Bree Wee, Eladio Quintero, Climido Rivero, Julio Spieguel and several other Panamanians that had made the short 2 and half hour flight to Cancun from Panama. Bree and Oscar had difficult days at Cozumel last year. I remember I kept thinking if I just say the right thing I will get them to go faster! I wish it was that easy. Cozumel is spectator friendly because competitors do 3 laps on the bike and run segments so there is a lot of interaction. Mexicans are awesome hosts, they are very loud and cheer for all competitor, but they are specially loud in cheering the locals. 

Needless to say I got back to Panama the day after watching the race and waited online to sing up for 2010, I did and got several of my friends to sing up as well.  Luckily for me I could not go this year as I will be traveling with my whole family to the US for Thanksgiving, somethings are more important than Ironman ;). Fishi, Sebas, Lucho, Colms, Ernie and Lotty along with Coach Ronan are all traveling from Panama to Mexico to race the Ironman. Some are on their first Ironman others are looking to improve on past performances. 

The race is going to be awesome, the place is awesome, my friends and our whole team are fired up not only because we have trained really hard this year pushing each other every day, but also because there is "friendly" competition between our team TTT -Total Training Team- and other local triathlon teams from Mexico that will be participating in the event. 

So its time to finish up packing, get everything ready and go rip up Ironman Cozumel 2010 - Caminoakona. 

Maybe I will be there 2011. We will see. 

Exitos a tttodos. 
Climido, who participated in Ironman Cozumel 2009 wrote this awesome note in Spanish las year. Its a great read. 


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